Welcome to Kingston Swing 'Catch Up Mondays' for Nov 2018

The 'catch up Mondays' area allows you to refresh your memory (both brain and muscle) with the moves from recent classes. If the video is available, clicking the icon will open a short video clip of the main points. Enjoy!
Oct 2018 RESET Dec 2018

Mon 5th Nov 2018 Taught by Beth and Bruce
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Remember the moves
1 x 6 count Basic
1 x 6 count tuck turn from the hip
2 x 6 count Sugar Pushes!
1 x Push out
Tackie Annies x 2
1 x 8 count circle bringback
1 x Rock step stomp wiggle
Taught by Graham and Tracey
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Remember the moves
1 x 8 count Linear Throwout
1 x 8 count Body Roll to closed
1 x 8 count Body Roll to Open ( swap hands to Leads RH / Follows LH )
1 x 6 count Wrap In
1 x 6 count Wrap Out ( Body Lead Tuck Turn )
1 x 6 count Wrap Pass-By
1 x 8 count Wrap Lindy Turn with leaders traveling with Follow on 5 and redirecting on the 6