This is the Kingston Swing 'Catch Up Workshop' page for 2016

Kingston Swing run Lindy Hop, Charleston, Colegiate Shag, Balboa and Jazz Technique workshops using our local, UK based or international teachers. Use this area to review the moves and watch a video.
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Dips & Tricks Workshop! - Fri 26th Feb 2016

Taught by Bruce and Jane

Starting with a few simple dips and building into some more tricky stuff..

Shag workshop! - Tue 22nd Mar 2016

Taught by Paul and Danielle

Shag 101! Bags of technique and some fun 'n flashy moves...

Fundamentals Workshop! - Sun 25th Sep 2016

Taught by Jane and Bruce

The Lindy turn in great, great depth...

Charleston Stroll Workshop - Sun 27th Nov 2016

Taught by Jane and Bruce

Charleston! loads of technique, a few fun moves, building up to Sing Lims' classic Charleston Stroll routine.